Debut Album ‘Home’ Available Now

We are proud to announce the release of our debut album, HOME, available on CD, Vinyl and digital download!

In April of 2006 we went into the studio to begin recording some songs.  Three of us had been playing a weekly jam session at some “juke joints” (yeah, right) in  Wisconsin.  It was Thursday nights at Simpson’s in Waupaca and Sunday nights at the infamous Cranky Pat’s in Neenah.  We decided to put some of our new songs down and envisioned making the first Old American Junk album. Then things fell apart…

Three years later we found ourselves in Europe.  First it was two of us in Ireland, and then two of us in Germany.  That’s when we decided to continue with the project.  We had a bunch of new songs and a bit of a vision.  We scrapped all the old sessions. They didn’t make the cut.

In December of 2009 we started the new session. We spent four days holed up in the basement and hashed it out. Then we went into the studio and put down our efforts.  And then we did it again, in April, June and July.  And then again in December, and in the summer of 2011. Plus the mixing and mastering sessions.

It has been a heckuva time!  Highs and lows that are exhausting to think about.  Learning curves far beyond our expectations.  But, we think we got it.   We’re happy with what we have…and we are our toughest critics.  This is us, Old American Junk.  This is our first album. We call it “Home.”  We are proud of it and we hope you enjoy it .You can get it right here.  Go to our “Store” page and purchase a physical copy directly from us.  There’s also options to stream and download.

We’ve had wonderful support along the way and want to thank all of those close to us for it.  We’re hoping to play very soon in support of the album.  We love playing live, where we can bring the songs to life and to jam some merry music with you all.  Keep an eye out on the tour page here at for updates.  Shoot us a message and let us know your thoughts on the album. If you like it, pass it on to a friend, please.  Hope to see you soon.