Bob Dylan Tribute

Old American Junk presents… Bringing It All Back Home (Again) & Highway 61 (Re)Revisited

A 50 year anniversary celebration of Bob Dylan’s seminal albums played in their entirety

Facebook Dylan PosterIn 1965, American songwriter Bob Dylan released two of the 20th century’s most groundbreaking and important albums. Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited, often referred to as the era where “Dylan goes electric”. Both albums have proven to be highly influential for artists for half a century.

This June, the Wisconsin-based musical project Old American Junk will recreate both albums and play them in their entirety over the course of a four day period across Wisconsin. As a 50 year anniversary celebration, the albums will be played front to back in the track order of their release, with the band committing themselves to the interpretation of Dylan’s work in the most authentic and genuine manner possible, Old American Junk founder and producer Shane Hardwicke cites Dylan’s albums as being profoundly influential and important in their lyrical prowess, artistic innovation and musical sensibility.

Hardwicke states, “It’s important for us as artists to continually study both the music history and reflect upon the work. For Old American Junk, Bob Dylan’s music has served as an inspirational catalyst and muse in the creation of our own art, and this project is an opportunity to both demonstrate our gratitude to the past as well as learn and be inspired for our future work.”

In the spirit of Dylan’s own use of wordplay, Old American Junk is calling the project “Bringing It All Back Home (Again)”and “Highway 61 (RE) Revisited”. “It’s been a fascinating process learning this material….and overwhelming to say the least. This guy (Dylan) wrote all of these songs in a one year period, its hard to imagine that a young man of 24 years of age could be so prolific, and so good! I know there is a huge contingent of Dylan fans in Wisconsin, and I hope they all come out and enjoy this one-time experience with us as a community. Shows scheduled for the project are listed below:

06/25/15 8:00PM Madison, Wisconsin Harmony Bar & Grill Old American Junk Bob Dylan Tribute
06/26/15 9:30PM Waupaca, Wisconsin Simpsons Supper Club Old American Junk Bob Dylan Tribute
06/27/15 9:30PM Green Bay, Wisconsin Frets and Friends Old American Junk Bob Dylan Tribute
06/28/15 4:30PM Wild Rose, Wisconsin Springwater Resort Old American Junk Bob Dylan Tribute